Brontosaur 1

Brontosaur 1

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Brontosaur (Thunder Lizard) was a Sauropod of the Jurassic Age. This animal was found in North America nd Europe. It ate plants and grew to be about 75 feet long and 15 feet tall and weighed 30 tons.

Brontosaur puzzle is made out of poplar. This is a 6 piece puzzle. The color variations can vary from cream color to green to brown and black. Then coated with mineral oil to save the woods beauty. They are food safe in case a child is to put a piece in their mouth. These puzzles can be either played with or just put on a shelf to admire its beauty. ((( The picture is a representation of the item you will receive and not the actual product.)))  

((((Disclaimer: These puzzles are not for kids under the age of 3. Small parts can be swallow and choke a child.)))) 

 Approximately 11 1/2” L x 3” T x 3/4” thick.