Policy for our Company

1. We will require that if you place a order for any product you will have to pay for it in full at the time you place the order. This reassures us that you actually want the product.

2. You will have 14 days from the day i call you to let you no your order is ready to pick it up. If you show up on the 15th day you will lose your payment. We are not a storage facility.

3. All products that are ordered stained, painted, or finished in any way will have to be paid in full before doing the product. All orders are to be paid in full before making. If not satisfied with order you will be reimbursed 50% of the ordered price unless discussed before hand or I cant make you happy.

4. We do accept all major credit cards. We don't accept checks or money orders thru the mail.

5. If paying with a check we will require that you have a ID number and phone number and address.

7. If a check is returned you will be required to pay a returned check fee of $50.

8. You will be charge tax on all products even if you pay cash. Only exception to this rule is interstate commerce sales for out of state customers. By law we will not charge you tax.

9. Absolutely no refunds on merchandise. 

10. If you receive merchandise shipped to you and is damaged we will replace that item. But you have to either ship item back to me or shows pictures of said item.